Naval Production Alghero

Currently the production is divided into models from 6 to 9 meters that, thanks to the logic of modular design / production, can be made both for boaters and for professional fishermen. All the models are made of Fiberglass (GRP) and are the result of the experience gained over time and the advice of users in the sector who collaborate with targeted tests.

Being a production of handicraft mold, it is possible a certain level of customization, so that your boat is never an ordinary boat! All models for pleasure craft are made in compliance with the CE standards in force, those for professional fishermen obtain certification of conformity through the individual testing of the Italian Naval Register (R.I.Na.).


Of the production addressed to boaters are part of models F6, F7, F8, Ambra7 open and Ambra7 wa. These are models treated in detail, equipped with comfort, customizable, with a high internal and external habitability. Equipped with 2 + 1 beds, sink / fridge / kitchenette, they are suitable for the small cruise under the coast. Motorized with or without a license, with 1 or 2 inboard engines, ensure excellent performance and ease of maneuver even to a single navigator.

Professional Fishermen

They are born from a solid experience matured in the field for several decades, result of a deep collaboration with the fishing operators. The dialogue continues, aimed at the acquisition of advice and constructive observations, has been translated into models that have continuously evolved and improved over time, growing in size and functionality. It is precisely in this segment of the market that the shipyard has put its creativity to fruition, designing and creating models that have been tailored to the needs of specific fishermen and fisheries cooperatives. In all models, the technical / constructive solutions have been carefully evaluated through a continuous collaboration between users, shipyard and technicians in order to obtain a safe, functional product that is always in line with the regulations of the sector.