Rules of Berths and Moorings

Art. 1) The assigned berth can not be from the User alienated, leased or in any case transferred, even temporarily, to third parties, in any way. The User responsible for such non-fulfillment will expire from the enjoyment of the same berth, with charge for the damages to people or things caused as a result of such behavior, as well as all the expenses that may derive from such non-fulfillment.

Art. 2) The management of the water mirrors in concession and any machinery, equipment or service of the sections of the quay in front of them are attributable to the Cantiere Nautico Ambrosio srl.

Art. 3) If the User is in a position to make the place available during the calendar year, and it allows itself, will be in the faculty of the Ambrosio srl Shipyard temporarily use the place in question at its discretion.

Art. 4) This specification is drawn up for the entire duration of this contract and is an integral part of the mooring contract.

Art. 5) The observance of the present disciplinary is obligatory for all those who use, for any reason, the goods and services concerning the piers. The User is fully responsible for damages to third parties, persons, installations, caused by his own boat or by persons in any case embarked.

Art. 6) All the maneuvers carried out inside the aqueous mirror in concession to the Ambrosio Cantiere Nautico srl must be carried out in full observance of the maritime regulations.

Art. 7) It is forbidden for all boats, except in cases of force majeure, to anchor the anchors. The boats must use only the mooring equipment and are responsible for any damage that is caused to them. The pieces must be used exclusively to put the catenary in force and not for mooring. The hulls must be equipped with efficient means of mooring owned by the User, declining the Concessionaire any responsibility deriving from breakages or lack of efficiency of the aforementioned vehicles. At the request of the User, reinforcement will be carried out with the relative expense borne by the owner. The eventual packing of the mooring material on behalf of the User will take place with reimbursement by the same in relation to the material and labor required. The User, within three days from the signing of this document and in any case before the entry of the boat, must provide the personal mooring material to the Ambrosio Cantiere Nautico srl for the installation of the same and must also provide it, upon request, after every revision of the mooring line that is necessary also for its age. In the event of inactivity of the User in the aforementioned cases, the Ambrosio srl Shipyard will intervene by placing the charges to be borne by the User. Furthermore, the User is responsible for the measures required by the user on the mooring line, which will always be performed only in the presence of weather conditions that are compatible with operations in safe conditions. The User who put into force the mooring material of the Concessionaire, in contravention of the above prescriptions, in case of damages suffered by his own boat as a consequence of said non-personal mooring material, can not claim any claim against the aforementioned Concessionaire.

Art. 8) Each User is responsible for the safety of his boat and the way in which it was moored. For all purposes, the Cantiere Nautico Ambrosio srl does not hold the role of guardian of the boats and of the goods placed by the Users in their areas under concession.

Art. 9) Users are obliged to protect their boat with adequate and sufficient fenders (white or coated) and with stainless steel springs and mooring ropes, the cost of which they are to be purchased and installed. User. If the User prior to his access did not provide to the Cantiere Nautico Ambrosio srl the necessary mooring material at the stern and on the bow, the Ambrosio srl Cantiere Nautico will pack and put it into operation with a note to be paid by User.

Art. 10) The User is obliged to check the emptying caps of the boat, as well as, in case of storms, to empty the boats without a self-emptying system. In the hypothesis that, due to the negligence of the User, the Nautical Shipyard Ambrosio srl must provide to you, the relative expenses will be charged to the User in addition to the greater damages eventually incurred.

Art. 11) The emptying of polluting liquids, debris or other, of wastes of any kind and of objects in the context of both the water mirror and the piers, as well as on the quay, is forbidden.

Art. 12) The use of projectors and acoustic signals is forbidden inside the landing area, except in cases strictly necessary.

Art. 13) It is forbidden to clutter with board equipment and in any case with objects or materials of any kind, the piers and walkways.

Art. 14) All the mooring units must be in perfect working order to guarantee the safety of the station, as well as to be in compliance with the provisions issued by the competent authorities. In this regard it is excluded any responsibility of the Cantiere Nautico Ambrosio srl and its representatives.

Art. 15) Users who leave their boat in their assigned berth must ensure that the retaining cables are in good condition and suitable for use. Any damages for liability can not be charged to the Ambrosio srl Shipyard and will fall exclusively on the User.

Art. 16) In the case of spills of hydrocarbons at sea or on piers, the person in charge must promptly take all the most appropriate measures to contain and limit the damage and restore the previous situation.

Art. 17) Before starting the petrol engines, the engine compartment must be ventilated.

Art. 18) The electrical systems on board must be in perfect working order and safety.

Art. 19) The refueling of the boat must be done by means of pumps at the service station. In the case of refueling by means of mobile tanks or transportable containers, the interested party will be a diligent party and will act with the utmost care and responsibility. The onboard compartments containing liquid gas cylinders must be adequately ventilated.

Art. 20) In the event of a fire on board a vessel, both its crew and that of nearby boats, they must do everything possible against the flames, while at the same time alerting them to the fastest possible means. competent authorities. It is advisable to carefully consider the possibility of immediately unhinging the boat with fire on board and moving it away from the piers. The costs related to the operations carried out as a result of fire, in addition to any compensation for damages caused to third parties and to the furnishings and works of the piers, are the responsibility of the responsible person.

Art. 21) The use of the energy of living character will be allowed with the written authorization of the Cantiere Nautico Ambrosio srl at the contractually agreed cost. The use of electricity for battery recharge only, without direct power supply of internal users, is allowed for a maximum power of 1 Kw avoiding to place the rectifier on the pier and using extensions and accessories according to law, prior payment of the contractually agreed hourly rate. The use of water is allowed for the time strictly necessary to refuel the tanks and to wash the boat, using biodegradable products according to the law. The reserve concessionaire at any time the use of prepaid balances for the provision of the aforementioned services at the defined rates.

Art. 22) The execution of maintenance work of the boat or other kind, carried out on board or in any other way performed, must be carried out in total safety of persons and things. In case of non-compliance, the Ambrosio srl Shipyard will remain exempt from any liability or damage to property or persons.

Art. 23) Il Cantiere Nautico Ambrosio srl is not liable for any theft that may occur during the landing and on board the boats. Similarly, it will not respond to loss of value and theft of boats and / or parts of them, as well as any damage caused to persons and / or things that are within the scope of the concession in the water mirror, as well as damage caused by persons, animals or things placed in / on the water mirror immediately facing or in front of or in / on the docks facing.

Art. 24) Repeated infringements will cause the termination of the contract.