Port Services – Marina Ambrosio

Since 2001 it has been active in the Port of Alghero, at the Molo di Sottoflutto, the Marina Ambrosio, the port services division of the company. Equipped with many amenities, to make the stop in Alghero to the pleasure boaters, the division represents a further piece of the global service design to the customer. Made of warm iroko wood, with their 90 berths, they are a pleasant reference point for both summer and winter holidays.

Characteristics of the Mooring:

Number of Berth: 90
Coordinates: 40° 33′ 852 N – 08° 18′ 788 E
Management Type: Private
Mooring type: Paid
Type of sea bed: Mixed mud-rock
Strong side wind: South-West
Dead Body: Catenary

At the pier are available:

Electric energy
Repairs Fiberglass VTR
Water (urban network)
Supply of accessories
Crane for launching / launching 20 ton.
Waste landings

Marina Ambrosio can also supply:

Assistance to on-board electrical systems
Refrigeration service for refrigerating equipment
Mechanical assistance
Upholstery repair / construction service
Sailmaker service
Taxi service
Carpentry service
Laundry service
Car, motorbike and bike rental service
Refill of cylinders sub