Shipbuilding and storage of Alghero

The Ambrosio Shipyard, thanks to its experience in the sector, is able to provide a global service to the customer, ranging from periodic maintenance, to dry dock, to repair and reconditioning operations that may be necessary.

In the Port of Alghero, to make these operations easier, it integrates the work of the shipyard with that of the Port Services Division where it can rely on its own crane for the service of hauling and launching boats.

Repairing a boat is always a continuous challenge, an activity in which the skills matured over time merge, knowledge of techniques and materials. Our interventions are not always routine.


  • Boat Flaring / Boat Rafting with 15 Tons cranes
  • Transportation with own transport up to mt. 7.50 from the shipyard to port and vice versa
  • Covered or uncovered storage
  • Cleaning hull, dry dock, polishing, internal and external cleaning
  • Structural repairs, anti-osmosis treatments, painting
  • Replacement / repair / supply of components
  • Technical stop in open or covered area subject to availability for interventions on on-board equipment
  • Restorations, transformations and adaptations
  • Upholstery, mechanical and electric repairs
  • Construction of fiberglass artefacts even on customer drawings or molds